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So many don’t know! Roasted Chili's are the best flavored chili in the world!

Many drive by and don’t understand what’s going on. Well here it is, on most of the corners where you see signs reading Roasted Chile/Chili or “Roasted Chile here

It may be the best stop your taste buds will ever encounter for Roasted Chili!

Bam! You’re hooked!

The chile’s you will be getting come from Pueblo, Colorado, Hatch, New Mexico and Grand Junction!basket NOW! Pick yourself out a large basket of the desired roasted chile you want, Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot or DYNAMITE if you’re brave enough! Now the vendor will do his magic. The vendor will flame roast the chile at the correct temperature and time. Once roasted to perfection, the vendor will then remove the roasted chile and bag them up. It is recommended to leave the roasted chile's in the bag up to an hour to allow the skin time to separate from the roasted chile for easy peeling. Once you are at home, all you have to do;

  • Reach in the bagchile
  • Pull out the roasted chile
  • Gently slide the skin off
  • Ready to eat or freeze
  • (some chose to peel chile after unthawing)

The best way to store your roasted chile's is to refrigerate some for immediate use.

It is recommended to take the remaining roasted chile's and freeze them in sandwich sized baggies.

Avoid running your chile's under water ensuring flavor, vitamins and nutrients are not washed away. subsliders-corn

Farm Fresh Produce Produce / Jams Salsas / Cherry Juice loves to sell farm fresh produce! As the fresh fruits and vegetables become ready we like to have them on our shelves. carries over 25 different jarred items from apple cobler to habenero salsa.

Email us at Contact Me to make sure the produce is available at one of of our locations.

Not all chili is cooked the same!

At our Denver green chili locations, we offer all types of green chilies.

Roasted green chilies from Hatch green chili and Pueblo Green

Chilies are brought in fresh daily.

Denver Green Chili Location is open 9:00 to 7:00 daily thru the season.

Roasted green chilies in Colorado, Denver, Lakewood, Lone Tree, Centennial, Aurora, Parker, Thornton, Westminster, Golden, Colorado Springs, Commerce City will teach you how to roast green chilies.

That's what we do best at

We roast hatch green chili & Pueblo green chili to perfection with our state of the art roasters. Hatch Green chili & Pueblo Green Chili locations in Colorado.

Santa Fe & S Cherokee St. 64th Lowell I - 76 & Federal blvd red and white tent Parker Rd & Broncos Parkway Red and white tent at corner of stop light.

Preparing Green Chili is what we do best.