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Chile Ollie’oooooo Owner’s favorite recipe.

For a quick chile fix, try my Chile Ollie’oooooo!

Pappa Frank

pappa-frank1. Take however many chile’s you want to eat, slice them open and remove the seeds.
2. Place on a plate.
3. Use a paper towel and gently absorb moisture out of the chile.
(Helps preserve the texture.)
4. Take olive oil and poor it on the chile in a zig zag pattern.
5. Gently rub the oil throughout the chile using your fingers.
6. Take Lawry garlic salt and sprinkle a little over the top of the chile’s.

Now your taste bud will love you!

1. Green Roasted Chile’s

2. Olive Oil

3. Lawry Garlic Salt

If you are using hot chile, remember to keep them from coming into contact with your skin and eyes.