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How To Roast and Peel Chiles Home Roasting -VS- Vendor Roasting

Roasting Chili/Chile. (1 bushel)

Home Roasting:

Green Chile Chili

A few people choose to roast their own Chili /Chile. The problem many have is cooking the chilichile-green / chile correctly and getting an even roast allowing the separation of the skin. If this is NOT done correctly the time spent on trying to peel the skin from the Chili /Chile can be time consuming or causing much of the chili to be wasted

Vendor Roasting:

A experienced roaster is well sought after by consumers. The timing is everything when roasting Chili /Chile. The correct time of roasting and the curing stage (when placed in a sealed bag) is crucial for the separation of the skin from the Chili /Chile. When roasted correctly, you will be able to take your chili / chile and slide the skin right off with minimum peeling. This can keep a fifteen minute job from becoming a two hour pain in the kitchen.

A great reason to have our master roasters prepare your chiles at any of our locations.
How to – Peeling Chiles

How easy is it to peel hatch chiles depends on the proper technique of roasting? This depends on the proper technique in roasting. When chiles are roasted properly, the skins should wipe off without the need for water, therefore washing away important flavor and vital nutients. Proper chili roast should consist of the blackened chili with spots of green coloring throughout the chili.